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Postby FullMetalArchivist » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:26 pm


I am posting this introduction as is mandatory. I have been reading Sluggy Freelance since 2011 or something, which I guess is a long time now, although it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that those strips are as old as strips from 2005 were when I started reading. I have read through the archives multiple times, and I'm amazed how Sluggy has evolved from an extremely lighthearted (but violent) strip into what it is now (and suffer some nostalgia). I'm registering now to pledge to pledge or whatever that means, because of course what could be better than a Pete Light-Brite pawn?

Anyway, I look forward to following however the story continues in the future.
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Re: Introduction

Postby Zillatain » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:51 pm

Welcome to the forum FullMetalArchivist!

Heh, I think I know where you got that name from...

When you actually stop to think about it, twenty years is quite a long time. I'm estimating that there has been somewhere between 6500 to 6800 strips in that amount of time. Which is impressive until you think that some of the later strips, had in one day nearly as many panels as two, three, or more days worth of the early strips. So even that word "impressive" doesn't do it justice.

It is interesting that many who did get into webcomics tended to go the "newspaper format" with the short one as day joke or the "graphic novel" serious format. And the thing is that most tend to stay with on format and never change no matter what. Pete went with the newspaper route at first but later figured out that being online there was no reason to force himself into that layout. He changes the layout according to what story he want to tell. Though I have noticed that makes some problems at times when he puts them into book form.

Of course everybody wants a shiny headed Pete. Who wouldn't?

Anyway, a lot of new people signed up recently, so I will have to keep this short (and amazingly identical). There used to be Pesterers to pester you for poetry, but who knows if that will happen. Even though you may not be pestered, if you do post an original poem--usually haiku but any (clean) type is accepted--written by you, you may also receive a gift in return. The "gift" may be useless or fatal, but it's a surprise. Lastly, the pestering is the tradition here, not the poetry.

Now go forth and mingle!
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